How to Code Fizzbuzz Without If-Statements or Loops

A while ago I was attending the Global day of Coderetreat in Zurich. It is a day long coding practice event. Attendees work together in groups of two. In each session we coded the kata “game of life” from scratch puttygen , each time with different constraints. The constraint I found very interesting was this: Continue reading


Regex Jumpstart Tutorial

Several times in a project I had to use regular expressions to match some pattern in a string. I started reading several tutorials but the regexes looked just too cryptic to me. Fortunately I always found the answer on Stackoverflow that either did exactly what I wanted or something similar that could be adapted easily. Continue reading

The Software Craftsman by Sandro Mancuso

This is a great book! Before reading I didn’t know there is an actual software craftsman movement. I’ve heard Uncle Bob use the term but I was unaware of the movement. The book totally speaks from my heart. Many of the attitudes and ideas described by Sandro Mancuso are very similar to my own and Continue reading

Agile, TDD and Personal Responsibility

Now I have been working as a Software developer and architect for more than 10 years including 5 years using C# .NET. The last few years I engaged in agile and Test-Driven-Development (TDD). I find it really fascinating what some smart developers came up with. These things were not around when I was at university Continue reading