Level It!

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Fire your bullets into the green wooden block towers – but be careful so that you do not hit the red ones. You finish a level when the green structures have fallen before you run out of ammunition. There are 30 thrilling levels. Are you able to solve them all and crash the towers?

You can move your cannon and fire bullets in all directions and are able to rotate the scene and zoom in and out.

The 3D game requires a lot of calculation power from your device. To make sure the game runs smoothly you can go to settings and select the speed of the game (3=fast, 1=slow) and the size of the towers (large towers yes or no).

I am looking foward to your feedback!

Have fun!

Screenshot_20170830-215607 Screenshot_20170830-215622 Screenshot_20170830-215629 Screenshot_20170830-215804 Screenshot_20170830-215848
Screenshot_20170830-220408 Screenshot_20170830-221308 Screenshot_20170830-221411 Screenshot_20170805-072800 Screenshot_20170805-072813

Get it on Google Play