New Year’s Resolutions 2017

In the area of software I am going to do these things this year.

1. Deploy and Maintain the Mobile App

I like the mobile game I developed last year pretty much. So I it would be sad to just upload it to Google Play and forget about it. Therefore I need to do some marketing efforts before deployment, like recording a trailer video, taking some screen shots and writing some descriptions.
Then I might need to do some maintenance work or implement some additional levels.

2. Chess Engine That Beats Me

As I am interested in chess I would like to have my own chess engine that beats myself. I did a little research and started my implementation (Baracuda). How much of the sophisticated and optimisation theory is required so the engine beats myself? I have no idea. I’m not a strong Player – probably around 1400 ELO points. I will find out the answer…

3. Martin Folwer’s “Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture”

I already wanted to read it last year but didn’t get to it. I will read it this year.

4. Run a Coding Dojo

I will organize and run at least one coding dojo at my company.

5. Bonus: Implement Another Mobile Game

I liked working with Unity and there is a game idea I would like to implement. But this is a bonus. puttygen download 615-544-1740 Telephone Area 800

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