Review 2017 and Resolutions 2018

Review 2017

Here’s a quick review of the goals of 2017:

  1. Deploy and maintain “Level It!”. It is deployed and I developed the second release with several improvements. See Level It!
  2. Chess engine that beats me. I developed the engine however it does not beat me yet. See Manta Chess Engine on Github
  3. Read “Pattern of Enterprise Application Architecture”. I did not read it.
  4. Run a coding dojo. Over the past year I ran five dojos.
  5. Bonus: Implement another mobile game. I did not start this.


My Programming Skills Goals 2018

1. Read 3 technical Books

Probably those are going to be: Uncle Bobs “Clean Architecture” , “Code Complete”, Martin Fowlers “Pattern of Enterprise Application Architecture”.

2. Improve my chess engine

(a) Implement promotion (pawn to queen), (b) improve the search algorithm (currently brute force min max is implemented), and (c) it needs to connect to a standard GUI.

3. Certification C#

I have to check whether this certificate is still available and if it really makes sense. But I sharpen my C sharp skills this year. It could also be done via Pluralsight courses or something similar.

4. JavaScript or TypeScript Application

Recently I decided that I want to learn more about web development. An important piece of this is JavaScript. So my goal is to write a small game in JavaScript.

5. Learn ASP.NET MVC

As Part of the web development idea I want to learn ASP.NET MVC. This includes the Book “ASP.NET MVC 5 Pro” by Adam Freeman and implementing a web application using the technology.

So these are my programming skills tasks for this year’s free time. To get this done I intend to get up earlier so I can get an hour of activities done before work.

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