Review New Year’s Resolutions 2016

In the area of software engineering I wanted to do three things in 2016:

Do 10 Code Katas

I did them as written recently in the first and the second post.

Katas are very nice little tasks to practice understanding requirements, designing classes, and implementing them.
Here’s a new insight about TDD that I had: it is challenging to find a sequence of tests that naturally adds a bit of production code for each test. If there is an algorithm to be implemented then the best sequence is not to just to start with 1 as the input and then 2 and then 3. Maybe it is better to start at 1’000’000 and then 1’000 and so on. It is worth thinking about it first. If to pass a single test there needs to be a lot of difficult code then there might be a better more simple test – or maybe an entirely different sequence of tests.

Develop a Mobile 3D App

For the game engine I choose between Unity and Unreal Engine. I selected Unity3D because I like C# Phone Number Trace , Unity seems to be leading for mobile devices, and there are lots of books and tutorial videos out there. The game development is finished but it is not yet deployed. However here are some preview screen shots:

Screenshot_20170113-154013 Screenshot_20170113-154020 Screenshot_20170113-154023




Read 3 Books

I read these three books:

I also wanted to read Martin Folwer’s “Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture” but didn’t get to it. So I will read it this year.

Soon I will write about my resolutions for 2017…
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