How to Setup a New Project with Visual Studio Team Services and Git Extensions

First Step: Create the New Project in Visual Studio Team Services

  • Log into your visual studio team services account
  • Click “create new project”: this creates a completely empty project
  • Open the project and click “code”
  • Click “clone”:┬áThe git clone url is displayed
  • Click “generate git credentials”: Git Extensions will need this to clone.


Second Step: Clone the Project with Git Extensions

  • Open Git Extensions
  • Click “clone repository” and enter the following:
  • Repository to clone: url displayed in visual studio team services
  • Destination: path on the local hard drive
  • Click “clone” and enter your credentials (that were generated before in vs ts)

Third Step: Create the actual Project

  • Add .gitignore locally to the project folder
  • Use your favorite IDE to actually create the project locally
  • Use Git Extensions to commit 615-544-1301 Telephone Area 600 , push and pull


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