Level It! Release 2 Available

The second release of the mobile game “Level It!” is available! It includes the following features:

  • Game Speedup: Now the towers crash up to three times faster than before. Under “settings” you can select the game speed. If the game does not run smoothly in the fastest speed try unselecting “big towers.”
  • Luckiest Guy Font: I was surprised how much better the game looks if it uses a more playful font!
  • Skybox Background: Now the game plays in the forest and in the mountains. I think it looks so much cooler this way!
  • Hint in the First Few Levels: The user gets some hints how to play the game in the first few levels.
  • German Translation: You can select your language from english and german.
  • Remove Ads: You have the option to remove the ads.

Thanks for all the feedback and have fun!

Get it on Google Play

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