Resolutions 2019 and Review 2018

During the last year I had to take care of a personal issue that consumed most of my time and energy. So I fell short of several of my goals in 2018.


Review Goals 2018


1. Read 3 technical Books

I read Uncle Bobs “Clean Architecture”.

2. Improve the Chess Engine

I implemented the minor promotion (pawn to queen) 615-544-8550 , improved the code quality and added many unit tests. It however doesn’t beat me yet.

3. Certification C#

not done.

4. JavaScript or TypeScript Application

not done.

5. Learn ASP.NET MVC

I read “ASP.NET MVC 5 Pro” by Adam Freeman and implemented a web application using the technology.

Coding Resolutions 2019


1. Read 3 Technical Books

“Code Complete” by Steve McConnell, “Pattern of Enterprise Application Architecture” by Martin Fowlers, and one more that isn’t selected yet.

2. Improve Chess Engine

a) I improve the search algorithm (currently brute force min max is implemented), and (b) the engine needs to connect to a standard GUI.

3. Improve the Android Game “Levels It!”

I want to implement 20 new Levels and a new world.

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